Thursday, December 10, 2009

One More Time

I find it astounding how easily people can fall into "group-think" mentality. By that, I mean that people in a social context simply do not seem to be able to reason for themselves. Regardless of whatever forces cause the condition to exist, it does not cease to amaze.

In The United States of America, almost 234 years after Thomas Paine wrote, "Common Sense", would it not be a more natural development for the inheritors of of this land of opportunity to be more advanced in original thinking, rather than to be falling backwards into a mass media controlled mentality?

Perhaps the key to understanding the question is in the implication of there being a "natural development" taking place. If the development has been anything other than, "natural", i.e., "man made", then that brings into question whether "man" is a natural component on the Earth or not. Skipping forward to the logical answer to the meaning of this particular concept, let us postulate that, "man" is a part of the natural order of Earth. Hence any arguments as to, natural vs. man-made, are extraneous to that part of this discussion.

Now, here as of this date, there is perhaps the biggest global conference ever undertaken to discuss the issues pertinent to the notion of global climate change taking place in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Nonetheless, the public aspects of debate remain entangled in a type of vacuum absent of reason. How can this be?

Egregious pollution of the world's rivers and oceans, depletion of the ozone layer in our atmosphere, and a US EPA statement prior to the conference that industrial carbon emissions comprise a danger to the health of the people of the US, all pale in comparison to the mass focus on the assumption that: anyone who does not believe that industrial carbon emissions are the singular cause of global climate change is some kind of idiot.

What ever happened to the problem with the Depletion of the Ozone and the Montreal Protocol? When did we all decide that had nothing to do with the problem?

Human industry is killing life, even to the point of mass extinctions of species. But, for some strange reason, the main question in the public eye is related to the single greatest economy of the planet: carbon based energy production. Hmmm..... Chemicals in the oceans killing off alarming masses of sea-life are somehow less important than a debate that pits pseudo science against pseudo spirituality as to whether climate change exists, rather than what causes it. Very strange! Really, very very strange indeed! What will be even more bizzarre will be a result that will be 180 degrees off in terms of curbing carbon emissions. But, oh, never mind that man behind the curtain. And, by the way, nobody will pay attention to that. Not to worry folks.

And what of that solid shell-like encapsulation around our planet that is hypothesized to be trapping heat into the closed global environment? The dumbed-down diagram showing a solid curve encircling the Earth that only allows energy through one way is perhaps one of the most vivid images that comes to mind. How could anyone be so stupid to not understand that mathematically sophisticated diagram. Ha, only some idiot clinging to some archaic belief system could be capable of not understanding this sophisticated and highly intellectual diagram that all of the rest of us have taken as a basic truth.

Oh, and those holes that have been growing in the ozone layer of the atmosphere ever since scientists first observed that phenomenon about four decades ago, those could in no way allow any energy or particles to escape from our atmosphere. Could they? They only let more harmful cancer causing ultraviolet radiation in. Besides, that is a completely unrelated issue to the climate change thing. Yes, climate change, that is our only real danger. And only stupid people don't accept that industrial CO2 emissions are the singular cause of that. In fact, they are so stupid, they even refuse to admit that climate change is taking place at all. But, amazingly enough, we can confuse the two points so that anyone who does not accept the dominant agenda will appear totally foolish. We can probably turn them into atheists without them even knowing why.

Once all of the political heads of state from all over the globe have conferenced about this, then that will be under control. We can then be lulled back in to a sense of well being and forget about the ozone problem and the effects of chemical pollutants, over-fishing, irresponsible logging practices, and disastrous mining projects.

All of those stupid people who cling to archaic beliefs about individualism, about thinking for oneself, and especially about some kind of supernatural deity, will submit to our superior minds swimming in the mainstream of public ideology.

Then, to feel really warm and fuzzy, we can all spend more than we can afford on credit to have a happy holiday season. Merry Xmas everybody!